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Beer Bottle Labels, From all over...
Birding Life List, My years of birding reduced to a graph!...
Alsace, History of Alsace / Histoire de l'Alsace
Crystal Radio, An obsession...
Radio Detection, of Solar Flares.
Geophysical monitoring projects....
Radiation, I bought a Geiger counter... now what???.
Snapshots, Random writings...
Thoughts, Essays written under the influence..
Timeline, 4000 years of world history.
Petrology, A geologist recalls his origins.
Origin of Pre-Cambrian rocks in SW Montana, Masters Thesis. (PDF file, 9 meg).
Pinhole Pix, through the eye of a needle
Photography, A gallery of travel photographs.
Eye Candy, from the western US.
My China:, a small collection of my favorite China photos.
Biography, Words about kjs.
Family, Acknowledgements.
Resume, for just in case....

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"If the privleged order were removed, the nation would not be something less, but something more."
Abbé Sieyès: Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès
What Is the Third Estate? 1789

(...and if the 1% were removed?)

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