Circle of Life, Katy Tx

Circle of Life

Life can be hard and sometimes short for any bird in the wild, and this includes those in and around our garden feeders. In the 6-months that the feeders have been up, I have noted at least 5 hawk attacks, three of them successful. Well, hawks are birds too. I must say it does not please my wife that we may be luring some of these friendly colorful birds to their doom. For me, it is ambivalent as I believe these creatures are at risk the day they are hatched and our feeders give them a better shot than they might otherwise have. Besides, hawks need a meal too. We have thus hosted a Cooper's Hawk and a possible Kestrel in the several attacks I have witnessed.

Addendum as of late January.. It seems that our garden has become a part of the Cooper's hawks' regular circuit. I have noted attacks now three to four or more times a week. Most fail, but not all. The hawk is especially interested in the doves, well, they ARE larger.



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